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Track #

Song Name


Windows Media




Burn It Up

Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
02 It's In Our Hands Now Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
03 Can You Feel It? Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
04 Midnight Hunter Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
05 Wake Up Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
06 No Way Out Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
07 Sweet Surprise Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi 
08 Against The Grain Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
09 Next To You Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
10 Judgment Day Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi
11 Strictly Business Lo-Fi Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Hi-Fi

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# Song Name WMA Song Time      

Melodic Rock

No Way Out

Total Playing Time: 58 minutes


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Written & Performed By

Tim McGowan & Kevin Schertell

01 Burn It Up SAMPLE 4mins 57secs
02 It's In Our Hands Now SAMPLE 6mins 35secs
03 Can You Feel It? SAMPLE 4mins 49secs
04 Midnight Hunter SAMPLE 3mins 58secs
05 Wake Up SAMPLE 3mins 37secs
06 No Way Out SAMPLE 4mins 51secs
07 Sweet Surprise SAMPLE 6mins 55secs
08 Against The Grain SAMPLE 6mins 09secs
09 Next To You SAMPLE 3mins 34secs
10 Judgment Day SAMPLE 6mins 49secs
11 Strictly Business SAMPLE 5mins 39secs

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